Garage Door Repair

Valerie Howard 

I called Premium Garage Door Repair Markham out to take a look at my garage door because it wasn’t running as smoothly as usual. The garage door repair technician was very polite and worked quickly to get my door working properly. I would definitely recommend these guys!

Garage Door Installation

Dominic Wright

Just bought my home and one of the first projects I decided on was getting a new garage door installation. I called around to a few different companies, and Premium Garage Door Repair Markham stood out. I’m so glad I decided to go with them, the service was quick, the prices reasonable, and my garage door looks amazing.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

Damon Fritz

I came to the conclusion that something was wrong with my garage door opener when my door just completely refused to open one morning as I was trying to leave for work. I contacted Premium Garage Door Repair Markham, and they immediately sent a technician out to assess the problem. Just as I thought, my old opener had finally given up on me. Thankfully the tech had a few different models on his truck for me to choose from. About an hour later and I was on my way to work like it was a normal day, thank you so much!

Garage Door Track and Roller Replacement

Elsa Smite 

I pulled out of my garage the other morning to take the kids to school and as I drove down the driveway I suddenly heard a loud bang. My garage door was hanging dangerously in the entryway. I didn’t want to leave it like that and leave my home exposed, so the kids and I waited for the tech from Premium Garage Door Repair Markham to show up. Upon arrival he instantly knew that I needed a garage door track and roller replacement service. Merely minutes later and the kids and I were back enroute to school. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their work!

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Roderick Lupes 

My wife and I were having company over for dinner from her job in celebration of a new account opening. Of course hours before the guests were to arrive our garage door broke down and was left halfway raised in the doorway. We called Premium Garage Door Repair Markham and their emergency garage door repair team is spectacular. It seemed like they flew to our house, and as quickly as they arrived was as quickly as they were back on their way. Our garage door was back on track and working perfectly well before the dinner was to start. Thank you!

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Siani Yond 

Heard a loud snap the other day when I got out of my car after returning home from work and parking in the garage. Immediately following the noise I heard I turned to see that my garage door had not properly closed and there was a gap in the top corner. Premium Garage Door Repair Markham came out to take a look for me and concluded that I needed a garage door spring replacement. They replaced the broken spring and set me up with a maintenance schedule. Great work and I would definitely recommend them!